UP4229A Uni Filter

$ 10.95

UP-4229A UniFilter

Single stage 

2 1/4″ ID x 4″ Height

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UP4229A   Uni Filter – single stage filter      2 1/4″ ID x 4″ Height


UNIVERSAL CLAMP-ON FILTERS Uni Universal Air Filters is where it all started over 40 years ago. Make a trick filter that clamps directly to the carburetor. For use on motorcycles, go-karts, tractors, air compressors, snowmobiles, anything with a carburetor can benefit from a Uni.


The #1 selling high-performance air filter!
UNI Filter ATV air filters keep out the dirt, dust and mud and they
provide unsurpassed airflow, dirt stopping and overall performance.
For complete protection, use UNI oil and UNI cleaner.

  • High Flow Capacity
  • Cleanable Dual Foam Filter
  • Small Particle Filtration
  • 15-degree Angle Neck for Easy Fitment
  • High Quality – Cost Effective

No other filter regardless the price flows better or lasts longer.

Uni Filterchart

All of the Uni Filters come with a 15 degree angle neck for more fitment options.  They come with a heavy duty stainless steel clamp.  You can clean Uni Filter in warm soapy water and rinse in clear water.  It will look and perform like new again after cleaning.

UP-4229A Uni Filter

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