Tachometer Hour Meter

$ 38.00

Suitable for all single and twin, two or four cycle gasoline engines operation within specified tachometer firing pattern.



Tachometer Hour Meter


 ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile

ANY GASOLINE ENGINE – Works automatically on 2 and 4 Strokes

• Displays RPM when running up to 20000
• Adjustable Input for all types of ignitions
• Recallable Max RPM
• Displays Total Hours when engine is off
• Track Services, Oil, Spark Plugs, Rings and Valves
• Automatically switches On/Off with Engine
• Resolution 10 RPM
• Use on EFI, Stick Coils or Older Ignitions
• Total Time Non-Erasable
• Includes Log Book
• No Power or Ground Required
• Water & Shock Proof
• Includes two-sided tape, screws, pick-up wire and wire tie.
• Records & Displays to 9,999.9 hours
• Internal battery lifetime of 10 years.
• 1 Year Limited Warranty
• CE Certified –  RoHS Certified
• Engineered and Assembled in the USA

For those of us that didn’t get the Rhino sport edition with the digital gauges this product is an absolute must have. It couldn’t be any easier to install and the cost is stupid cheap. Keep track of how many hours you have on your engine to eliminate the guessing game for oil changes. This little meter requires NO power source, it simply runs off a small amount of energy that you coil wire produces. When your Rhino’s ignition key is in the off position or removed the digital display shows the total engine hours. When the engine is running the display then shows the current engine RPM. See more features below.

Suitable for all single and twin, two- or four-cycle gasoline engines operation within specified tachometer firing pattern.

This is an excellent product especially for the cost. I especially like the fact that I don’t have to guess how many hours it’s been since the last oil change or maintenance. The RPM gauge is a little small to read when you are driving fast but is still visible.

Tachometer Hour Meter

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Weight .9 lbs


  • Tachometer Hour Meter

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