Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI

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Patent # 9,464,605

The Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI has horizontal and vertical air flow stabilizers which increase air flow, air speed and fuel atomization, thereby increasing performance.  Install for maximum performance, then HANG ON!

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Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI
Patent # 9,464,605
for Fuel Injection

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Increased power across the RPM range, awesome throttle response.
Easy installation, no tuning required. Stainless steel construction, no moving parts.
Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI

Keihin EFI units:
TW-EFI-34 = 2016-2018 Kawasaki KX450F 4 stroke
TW-EFI-40 = 2009-2016 Honda CR450R (4 stroke)
–Yamaha YZ250F & YZ450F (4 stroke)
–Suzuki – all 40 – 4 strokes

TW-EFI-45 = 2017-2018 Honda CR450R or RX
–2009-2015 Kawasaki KX450F
–2011-2019 KTM or Husky 250/350/450/500 4 stroke


Dellorto EFI units:
TW-EFI-38 = KTM & Husky 2 stroke – 1 valve for intake side
–2018-22 KTM 150/250/300 TPI
–2018-22 HQV 150i/250i/300i
–2021-22 Gas Gas EC/EX300

For extra power increase add a wing to the engine size
The more air you can control, the better the results.  Having a Torque Wing at the air entry end of the throttle body begins the improvement by creating a laminar air flow passing the air flow to the output end of the throttle body maintaining the laminar flow.  This gives you a push pull effect that wouldn’t be possible with just one wing. 

***** includes 2 wings for engine and intake sides of throttle body
–2018-22 KTM 150/250/300 TPI
–2018-22 HQV 150i/250i/300i
–2021-22 Gas Gas EC/EX300

“The Dual Torque Wings give you a big torque increase in low and midrange making your bike easier to ride while increasing performance.  No additional tuning is required.  This is a win-win no brainer.” – Richard Wilk, Dick’s Racing

The Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI has horizontal and vertical air flow stabilizers which increase air flow, air speed and fuel atomization, thereby increasing performance. The Quad Flow Torque Wing may be used separately or in conjunction with any of our other products to further enhance overall performance. Install for maximum performance, then HANG ON!

The Torque Wing produces substantial gains across the RPM range. Throttle response is extremely quick. The Torque Wing is installed on the engine side of your carburetor slide. This divides the carburetor bore into four quadrants, utilizing a horizontal and vertical air stabilizer. These stabilizers virtually eliminate air turbulence thus increasing air velocity to the engine. This improves fuel atomization and power. All engines whether two cycle or four cycle have naturally occurring reversionary pulse waves in the intake tract that are very turbulent. The Torque Wing eliminates this turbulence for another rapid return trip to the engine. The horizontal stabilizer also performs another function. Any throttle position half throttle or below normally suffers a big drop in air velocity due to the air flow that goes under the carburetor slide being allowed to enter the full size of the carburetor bore producing a rolling turbulence and a corresponding drop in air velocity. The horizontal stabilizer prevents this drop in air velocity producing much quicker throttle response and a substantial increase in torque. The Torque Wing continues to kill off multi-directional turbulence all the way through full throttle. A small space is left between the torque wing and the carburetor to equalize and improve the air flow to all four quadrants.

The Torque Wing has been designed to protrude out past the end of the carburetor and into the intake manifold. This holds the air column together longer preventing the break-up which creates turbulence. In most reed valve engines, the air column is held together all the way to the reed valve. Regardless of which intake system you have, reed valve, piston port or rotary valve, the Torque Wing will produce impressive results in seamless power across the rpm range making your machine faster and easier to ride. The Torque Wing utilizes four locating tabs giving you a perfect fit in every carburetor. Two additional tabs are used to prevent the Torque Wing from twisting and also lock it into the rubber intake boot for added security. Constructed from stainless steel, it won’t rust, corrode or be affected by any fuel or additives. This product has been in development for a long time and many patent claims have been filed. Best of all, the Torque Wing is easy to install and requires no tuning. Install it, forget it and enjoy the power. Torque Wings are available for most popular small engine carburetors.

Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI

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“We wouldn’t run a race without the Quad Flow Torque Wings”

How to install the TW-EFI38/35-2 Twin Torque Wings

Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI

Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI

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Quad Flow Torque Wing

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  • Quad Flow Torque Wing EFI

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