Pressure Test Plug

$ 34.95

Pressure Test Plug Kit

for 26 to 44mm Mikuni carburetors
Kit Includes 4 Plugs and 4 Studs



Tools to help you do the job right!

Used to pressure test Crankcase or protect engine from foreign materials entering crankcase

  • When carburetor is removed, insert Pressure Test Plug to the correct step to fit flange.  Tighten clamp.
  • Used to pressure test crankcase.
  • Use when carburetors are removed to prevent foreign material from entering the crankcase.
  • 4 step Plug works on Mikuni carburetor flanges ranging in size from 40-44mm, 36-38mm, 30-34mm and 26-28mm.
  • Each plug is anodized to enhance surface hardness and prevent corrosion.
  • Includes cylinder extension studs to elevate crankcase which prevents the connecting rods from hitting the work bench.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


  • Pressure TEst Plug
  • Pressure Test Plug
  • PRessure Test Plug
  • Pressure Test Plug