Pressure Test Plug

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Pressure Test Plug Kit

for 26 to 44mm Mikuni carburetors
Kit Includes 4 Plugs and 4 Studs

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Crankcase Pressure Test Kit

W/Carb Plugs and Cylinder Stud Extensions

Tools to help you do the job right!

When working on your motor, use these handy items to pressure test your crankcase.  If your crankcase won’t hold pressure, it will seize your engine.  There is no other way to do this.  Also use these to keep foreign materials out when doing carburetor work.  Stud extensions allow you to set the engine on your bench without the rods hitting your bench.  They are threaded 8mm on one end and 10mm on the other to fit all engine studs.  Each plug and stud is anodized to enhance surface hardness and prevent corrosion.  4-step plug works on Mikuni carburetor flanges ranging from 26mm to 44mm.

Used to pressure test Crankcase or protect engine from foreign materials entering crankcase

  • When carburetor is removed, insert Pressure Test Plug to the correct step to fit flange.  Tighten clamp.
  • Used to pressure test crankcase.
  • Use when carburetors are removed to prevent foreign material from entering the crankcase.
  • 4 step Plug works on Mikuni carburetor flanges ranging in size from 26-28mm, 30-34mm, 36-38mm and 40-44mm.
  • Each plug is anodized to enhance surface hardness and prevent corrosion.
  • Includes cylinder extension studs to elevate crankcase which prevents the connecting rods from hitting the work bench.

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  • Pressure TEst Plug
  • Pressure Test Plug
  • PRessure Test Plug
  • Pressure Test Plug