Polaris Top Torque Plate

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Polaris 500 Centurian, 600 & 650 Indy Triple Snowmobiles
Polaris Top Torque Plate – Triple Snowmobiles


Polaris Top Torque Plate – Polaris Triple Snowmobiles

Fits Polaris 500 Centurion, 600 & 650 Indy Triple Snowmobiles

Closeout Price $39.95

Polaris Top Torque Plate bolts across all three-cylinder heads and keeps your crankshaft running straight.  It eliminates crankshaft flex and chatter in the engine cases.  Your engine runs smoother and longer.  Made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.  The Polaris Top Torque Plate looks great sitting on top of those big triples!  We only have a few left.

When you run high performance exhaust systems with triple pipes, the Top Torque Plate is an absolute must!  Why is this?  Because the stock exhaust system used a heavy-duty tri plex exhaust flange that bolted across all three cylinders and did a decent job (I said decent, not great) holding cylinders and crankshaft in line.

The Top Torque Plate that I designed I the 1980’s does a great job keeping everything in alignment.  Your crankshaft and bearings will no longer be subjected to twisting and side loads.  Chatter marks in your engine cases will also be eliminated.  The end result will be an engine that runs smoother and longer.  Even a stock engine with a stock pipe and manifold will benefit from the Top Torque Plate.  Finally, the Top Torque Plate with the brushed aluminum finish looks great sitting on top of those big triples.

Back in the day when I first designed these, we sold them for $59.95.  We are closing these out at only $39.95 while they last.  You cannot make a better improvement to your engine!

The ORIGINAL Polaris Top Torque Plate for Polaris Triple Snowmobiles by Lonn Peterson

Back in the 80’s, we were rebuilding a large number of Polaris triple snowmobile crankshafts.  When removing the cranks from the crankcases we noticed that many of the cases had significant damage to the top half of the case where the crankshaft had repeatedly contacted the cases and caused chatter marks far worse than you would expect.  I had a theory but wasn’t sure, so we started making phone calls to our customers and asking questions.  We soon found out that the cases with the worst marks that we called the “angry beaver marks” were machines with triple pipes.  This changed two things.
First, the big heavy steel tri plex exhaust manifold was removed to install the triple pipes.  The tri plex manifold was holding the cylinders together.  It did not do a very good job of it but was better than nothing.
Second, most machines with pipes tend to be turning more rpms.  Even bone stock machines had some chatter marks.
I talked to a friend of mine who had been running the big triples on a dyno.  He told me that stock engines under load would allow the cylinders to move off centerline of the crank approximately 1/8″.
This led me to design the Top Torque Plate to keep everything in alignment and to reduce damage caused by the chatter and flexing.
I became totally convinced that all Polaris triple snowmobiles 500, 600, and 650 would benefit greatly from the Top Torque Plate that I designed.  Your engine will run smoother and longer without crankshaft chatter and flexing of the crankshafts and cases or other related problems such as cracked water jacket manifolds.
Our Polaris Top Torque Plates are a big benefit to your Polaris triple snowmobile engine.  They also look great as they are made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum!

The Polaris Top Torque Plates for Triple Snowmobiles are good looking and functional.  Easy installation.

“The Last Triple Two-Strokes from Polaris” – SnowTech Magazine

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