DialAJet Snorkel Kit

$ 12.95

Required for off-road vehicles. 

The DialAJet Snorkel kit feeds clean filtered air to the Dial-A-Jet. Each Snorkel Kit covers one Dial-A-Jet body. It keeps out all dust, mud, dirt, and debris (not for under-water use).

Order one per Dial-A-Jet.


DialAJet Snorkel Kit

The DialAJet Snorkel kit was designed to feed clean filtered air to the Dial-A-Jet. This improves performance and eliminates sand, dirt, moisture, snow, or other foreign debris from clogging the air circuit which will make your engine run rich. The Snorkel Kit gives you totally consistent jetting for snowmobiles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, or ATV’s. Each Snorkel Kit covers one Dial-A-Jet body.

Caution:  If you do not use a Snorkel Kit on an off-road application, Dial-A-Jet warranty is voided.

The DialAJet Snorkel Kit could be called a cold air or clean air kit for the Dial-A-Jet. This simple kit keeps the air correction circuits clean. Powder snow, belt dust, sand, dirt, moisture, and other debris can no longer plug the air correction circuits and make the engine run rich.

DialAJet Snorkel Kits also solve jetting problems associated with under hood pressure on snowmobiles. Under hood pressure usually begins at approximately 65 mph and up. This is a result of air being forced into the hood area more quickly than it can exit. The resulting under hood pressure is forced down the air correction circuit of the Dial-A-Jet. This causes the Dial-A-Jet to call up more fuel. The faster you go the greater the pressure and the richer you run. Your jetting can be stabilized by installing a Snorkel Kit. Simply run the vent lines up your steering post and exit by the handle bar pad area. This arrangement gives you atmospherically pressured air and eliminates any jetting problems caused by under hood pressure.

The Snorkel Kit consists of a form fitted rubber cap assembly that fits snugly over your Dial-A-Jet body. A vent line attaches to the rubber cap. The far end of the vent line has a foam rubber air filter attached. The new Positive Seal Snorkel Kit fits either left hand or right-hand Dial-A-Jet bodies. The positive seal design utilizes an O-Ring over the outside of the Snorkel cap, which forces the Snorkel to fit tightly over the Dial-A-Jet body. This keeps the air supply clean and consistent.


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  • DialAJet Snorkel Kit

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