DialAJet Motorcycle Kawasaki

$ 74.95$ 239.95

Dial-A-Jet feeds a fine consistent mist of emulsified fuel instead of raw liquid fuel like all other jetting circuits in your carb. It’s the easiest and fastest way to “tune-in” any modifications you have performed on your machine.

!!!  NOT legal for sale in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles except on vehicles used for closed course racing only or in other states where similar laws apply.




DialAJet Motorcycle Kawasaki

Dial-A-Jet Fuel Induction System

Accurate Jetting in Seconds

Dial-A-Jet fits any brand, size and style of carburetor with a float bowl.

Dial-A-Jet is like adding fuel injection to your carburetor that you can richen or lean by turning a dial.

  • More Horse Power – Excellent Running Quality
  • Optimizes Fuel – Easy Installation
  • Rejet in seconds with a click of the patented 5 position jet dial
  • Allows you to run in a broad temperature or altitude range without rejetting
  • Automatically compensates for: air density, motor load, and fuel quality

!!!  NOT legal for sale in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles except on vehicles used for closed course racing only or in other states where similar laws apply.

For off-road racing use only – Not for aircraft use

 Sick and tired of changing jets?

  • Dial-A-Jet is a completely adjustable jetting system that delivers maximum horsepower from any engine and improves throttle response and fuel mileage. It works well with stock or modified engines, standard or high performance air boxes and exhaust systems. Easy to install kits are available for all dirt bikes, motorcycles, street bikes, MX bikes, and ATV’s.
  • Modern motorcycles run lean in mid-range with non-adjustable jetting. When an exhaust header system and/or a high flow air cleaner is installed, the engine runs even leaner and also hotter. At this point rideability problems occur – lean misfires (detonation), hot running engine, and dead spots in the carburetion – making the motorcycle difficult or annoying to ride. Shifting may also become difficult being that the transmission usually shares the overheated engine oil, as does the clutch assembly.
  • Dial-A-Jet acts as an integration system between your air cleaners and exhaust system. Dial-A-Jet allows you to dial in the right amount of fuel to compensate for the increased air and exhaust flow. All of the rideability problems are eliminated. Dial-A-Jet works every time, all the time. Dial-A-Jet is so simple it cannot, not work.
  • Dial-A-Jet’s unique add-on design is so easy to install that carb removal is unnecessary. (Brand X recalibration kits always require carb disassembly, come with up to 14 pages of instructions, and require a competent mechanic.) Dial-A-Jet comes with one to two pages of instructions, typically takes less than an hour to install, and you can do it yourself!

DialAJet Motorcycle Kawasaki

The kits recommended on the application charts are for vehicles with stock carburetors using gasoline.  If you do not have a stock carburetor on your vehicle or are using alternate fuels (such as alcohol), please indicate this in the special instructions box or call us at 320-597-2700.  Kits are available for all carbureted applications.  If your vehicle is not listed, please call and we can guide you to the right application or create one specifically for your vehicle.

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Choose the Year and Model of your Dirt Bike or type in the search box. Then choose the part number from the drop-down above and add to cart. NOTE: To reset the chart, click on the year and model result below the drop-down boxes.

BrandYearFits Model YearsModelDial-A-Jet
Kawasaki19861986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19871986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19881986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19891986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19901986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19911986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19921986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19931986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19941986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19951986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19961986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19971986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19981986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19991986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20001986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20011986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20021986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20031986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20041986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20051986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20061986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20071986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20081986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20091986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20101986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20111986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20121986-2012EX 250 Ninja / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19801980-1983KZ 440 LTD/BeltDJ-107
Kawasaki19811980-1983KZ 440 LTD/BeltDJ-107
Kawasaki19821980-1983KZ 440 LTD/BeltDJ-107
Kawasaki19831980-1983KZ 440 LTD/BeltDJ-107
Kawasaki19851985-1990EN 450 / 454 LTDDJ-107
Kawasaki19861985-1990EN 450 / 454 LTDDJ-107
Kawasaki19871985-1990EN 450 / 454 LTDDJ-107
Kawasaki19881985-1990EN 450 / 454 LTDDJ-107
Kawasaki19891985-1990EN 450 / 454 LTDDJ-107
Kawasaki19901985-1990EN 450 / 454 LTDDJ-107
Kawasaki19901990-1994EN 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19911990-1994EN 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19921990-1994EN 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19931990-1994EN 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19941990-1994EN 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19871987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19881987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19891987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19901987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19901987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19911987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19921987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19931987-1993EX 500DJ-107
Kawasaki19941994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19951994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19961994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19971994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19981994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19991994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20001994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20011994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20021994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20031994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20041994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20051994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20061994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20071994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20081994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki20091994-2009Ninja 500 / RDJ-107
Kawasaki19801980-1985KZ 550DJ-105
Kawasaki19811980-1985KZ 550DJ-105
Kawasaki19821980-1985KZ 550DJ-105
Kawasaki19831980-1985KZ 550DJ-105
Kawasaki19841980-1985KZ 550DJ-105
Kawasaki19851980-1985KZ 550DJ-105
Kawasaki19901990-1993ZR 550DJ-102
Kawasaki19911990-1993ZR 550DJ-102
Kawasaki19921990-1993ZR 550DJ-102
Kawasaki19931990-1993ZR 550DJ-102
Kawasaki19811981-1985ZX 550 GPZDJ-105
Kawasaki19821981-1985ZX 550 GPZDJ-105
Kawasaki19831981-1985ZX 550 GPZDJ-105
Kawasaki19841981-1985ZX 550 GPZDJ-105
Kawasaki19851981-1985ZX 550 GPZDJ-105
Kawasaki19881988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19891988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19901988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19911988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19921988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19931988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19941988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19951988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19961988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19971988-1997Ninja 600RDJ-102
Kawasaki19861986-1987ZL 600 EliminatorDJ-102
Kawasaki19871986-1987ZL 600 EliminatorDJ-102
Kawasaki19961996-1998ZL 600 EliminatorDJ-101
Kawasaki19971996-1998ZL 600 EliminatorDJ-101
Kawasaki19981996-1998ZL 600 EliminatorDJ-101
Kawasaki19771977-1980KZ 650 SR Ltd.DJ-103
Kawasaki19781977-1980KZ 650 SR Ltd.DJ-103
Kawasaki19791977-1980KZ 650 SR Ltd.DJ-103
Kawasaki19801977-1980KZ 650 SR Ltd.DJ-103
Kawasaki19811981-1983KZ 650 CSRDJ-101
Kawasaki19821981-1983KZ 650 CSRDJ-101
Kawasaki19831981-1983KZ 650 CSRDJ-101
Kawasaki19841984KZ 700DJ-101
Kawasaki19851985VN 700 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19841984-1985ZN 700 LtdDJ-102
Kawasaki19851984-1985ZN 700 LtdDJ-102
Kawasaki19801980-1983KZ 750 F/H Ltd.DJ-102
Kawasaki19811980-1983KZ 750 F/H Ltd.DJ-102
Kawasaki19821980-1983KZ 750 F/H Ltd.DJ-102
Kawasaki19831980-1983KZ 750 F/H Ltd.DJ-102
Kawasaki19821982-1983KZ 750 L3 R1 GPZDJ-101
Kawasaki19831982-1983KZ 750 L3 R1 GPZDJ-101
Kawasaki19801980-1983KZ 750 E/G/H/N (Ltd, Spectre)DJ-102
Kawasaki19811980-1983KZ 750 E/G/H/N (Ltd, Spectre)DJ-102
Kawasaki19821980-1983KZ 750 E/G/H/N (Ltd, Spectre)DJ-102
Kawasaki19831980-1983KZ 750 E/G/H/N (Ltd, Spectre)DJ-102
Kawasaki19871987-1990Ninja 750 RDJ-102
Kawasaki19881987-1990Ninja 750 RDJ-102
Kawasaki19891987-1990Ninja 750 RDJ-102
Kawasaki19901987-1990Ninja 750 RDJ-102
Kawasaki19851985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19861985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19871985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19881985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19891985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19901985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19911985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19921985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19931985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19941985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19951985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19961985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19971985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19981985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19991985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20001985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20011985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20021985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20031985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20041985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20051985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki20061985-2006VN 750 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19911991-1993ZR 750DJ-102
Kawasaki19921991-1993ZR 750DJ-102
Kawasaki19931991-1993ZR 750DJ-102
Kawasaki19951995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki19961995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki19971995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki19981995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki19991995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki20001995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki20011995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki20021995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki20031995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki20041995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki20051995-2005VN 800 Vulcan & ClassicDJ-109-F
Kawasaki19851985-1986ZL 900 EliminatorDJ-102
Kawasaki19861985-1986ZL 900 EliminatorDJ-102
Kawasaki19841984-1986ZX 900 NinjaDJ-102
Kawasaki19851984-1986ZX 900 NinjaDJ-102
Kawasaki19861984-1986ZX 900 NinjaDJ-102
Kawasaki19771977-1980KZ 1000 Ltd ZIR (except Classic)DJ-103
Kawasaki19781977-1980KZ 1000 Ltd ZIR (except Classic)DJ-103
Kawasaki19791977-1980KZ 1000 Ltd ZIR (except Classic)DJ-103
Kawasaki19801977-1980KZ 1000 Ltd ZIR (except Classic)DJ-103
Kawasaki19811981-1985KZ / ZN 1000DJ-101
Kawasaki19821981-1985KZ / ZN 1000DJ-101
Kawasaki19831981-1985KZ / ZN 1000DJ-101
Kawasaki19841981-1985KZ / ZN 1000DJ-101
Kawasaki19851981-1985KZ / ZN 1000DJ-101
Kawasaki19861986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19871986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19881986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19891986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19901986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19911986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19921986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19931986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19941986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19951986-1995ZG 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19851985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19861985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19871985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19881985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19891985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19901985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19911985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19921985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19931985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19941985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19951985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19961985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19971985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19981985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19991985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20001985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20011985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20021985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20031985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20041985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20051985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki20061985-2006ZG 1000 Concours/GTR 1000DJ-102
Kawasaki19861986-1987ZL 1000 EliminatorDJ-102
Kawasaki19871986-1987ZL 1000 EliminatorDJ-102
Kawasaki19861986-1991ZX 1000 Ninja (except ZX-10)DJ-102
Kawasaki19871986-1991ZX 1000 Ninja (except ZX-10)DJ-102
Kawasaki19881986-1991ZX 1000 Ninja (except ZX-10)DJ-102
Kawasaki19891986-1991ZX 1000 Ninja (except ZX-10)DJ-102
Kawasaki19901986-1991ZX 1000 Ninja (except ZX-10)DJ-102
Kawasaki19911986-1991ZX 1000 Ninja (except ZX-10)DJ-102
Kawasaki19811981-1986KZ / ZN 1100 (except F1)DJ-101
Kawasaki19821981-1986KZ / ZN 1100 (except F1)DJ-101
Kawasaki19831981-1986KZ / ZN 1100 (except F1)DJ-101
Kawasaki19841981-1986KZ / ZN 1100 (except F1)DJ-101
Kawasaki19851981-1986KZ / ZN 1100 (except F1)DJ-101
Kawasaki19861981-1986KZ / ZN 1100 (except F1)DJ-101
Kawasaki19861986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19871986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19881986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19891986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19901986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19911986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19921986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19931986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19941986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19951986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19961986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19971986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19981986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19991986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki20001986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki20011986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki20021986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki20031986-2003ZG 1200 Voyager XIIDJ-102
Kawasaki19871987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19881987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19891987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19901987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19911987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19921987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19931987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19941987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107
Kawasaki19951987-1995VN 1500 VulcanDJ-107

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