“The Original” Dial-A-Jet!

This is the original jetting system that makes your carburetor as good or better than  fuel-injection performance. Dial-A-Jet kits are available for ATVs, Motorcycle, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles, Go-Carts and more! Choose the category below to find the Dial-A-Jet system for your machine. 

For remote adjustments from seated position, see IntelaJet

When jetting an engine, you need enough fuel for peak rpms, peak torque, peak load, peak pipe conditions on a two stroke and peak cam and pipe conditions on a four stroke.  Failing to properly jet a four stroke will result in  loss of power.  Failing to properly jet a two stroke will cause engine failure sooner or later.

The problem with jetting all of our engines for peak everything is that it leaves us way over jetted in low and midrange.  Adding a Dial-A-Jet or IntelaJet allows you to reduce your main jet by three or four sizes, depending upon how rich you currently are.  Your machine will run much more aggressively in low and midrange.  You will have more power and better throttle response.   As you approach any or all of the peaks on the top end, the Dial-A-Jet or IntelaJet will automatically meter out the correct amount of additional fuel needed to match those peaks.

Now you can expect better performance and better fuel efficiency since you are not blowing so much raw fuel through your engine in low and midrange.  The average rider spends 80% of his or her time riding in midrange.  Now you can jet your engine properly for this.

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