Does Dial-A-Jet Really Work? – SnowAction – December 1994

Does Dial A Jet Really Work SnowAction December 1994

– Morgan Cloward – December 1994

Does this thing really work?  That’s a common question we hear at snowmobile shows after setting up a Dial-A-Jet display.  We’ll then ask the inquisitor: Does your sled run better when the temperature drops?  If it does, it means you are over-jetted.  With a Dial-A-Jet, your snowmobile can run strong all the time.

“There have been devices for adjusting jetting and air density ever since I can remember,” Starting Line Products president Jim Noble said.  “I was introduced to Dial-A-Jet a long time ago, and it’s a viable product.”

Dial-A-Jet, by Thunder Products of Richmond, MN is especially handy out West since you can operate a sled in a broad altitude and/or temperature range without having to re-jet.  “The western rider appreciates it more,” Noble said.  “He constantly has to contend with altitude and temperature changes.”

Noble said re-jetting is oftentimes neglected, which can result in poor engine performance, or worse, burn-down.  “Most guys don’t change jets,” Noble said.  “They just live with what they’ve got.  When the temperature is warm, the sled will run rich.  When the temperature drops, and there’s more air, the engine is in danger – it’s too lean.”

The Dial-A-Jet dial has five positions, ranging from richer to leaner.  Each of the settings cover about 1,500 – 2,000 feet of altitude, or 15-20 degrees in temperature.  Noble has logged countless miles testing a Dial-A-Jet and has offered the product to his catalog consumers for the last three years.

“You just have to move the dial one click and you’ve changed the jetting instantly,” Noble said.

Dial-A-Jet fits any style carb and works on stock or modified engines, improving performance and fuel economy.  Dial-A-Jet comes as a complete kit with easy-to-follow instructions.  Installation typically takes about an hour.

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