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Thunder Shift Non-Bushed Weight Set

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Thunder Shift

Non-Bushed Weight Set

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Thunder Shift -Non-Bushed Weight Set

approximately 39 grams each plus fasteners

Get all the horsepower to the ground, fast & easy, no guesswork

You can’t buy a better clutch kit for any amount of money!

Thunder Shift is the original patented adjustable clutch weights that allow you to calibrate hole shot, midrange and top end separately for precise clutch tuning and maximum horsepower gains. The original Thunder Shift comes in economical non-bushed or standard bushed versions.

The best engineering, materials, and production methods were employed in their manufacturing. Fasteners are made from billet stock (no hardware store parts are used). The weight arms and fasteners meet strict weight requirements. Each set of weight arms are perfectly matched to a tenth of a gram.

The Thunder Shift has routinely survived spin tests exceeding the RPM and stress limits of any clutch on the market without a single failure. Our testing as well as tests by leading magazines and tuners prove that where weight is placed has a dramatic effect of performance. There are many weight combinations so you can tune to perfection. Gain two to five sled lengths. It works!!

Get your clutching dialed into your specific weight quickly and easily with Thunder Shift adjustable clutch weights.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 3 in