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$ 199.95

IJ-210 – Single Carb IntelaJet  – 2 stroke

IJ-410 – Twin Carb IntelaJet – 4 stroke

The revolutionary new jetting system from Thunder Products.  Rejet your carburetor on the fly, right from the handlebars!  INTELAJET is the new high-tech version of the time proven Dial-A-Jet system (since 1972).  It is machined from billet aluminum, laser engraved and anodized for great looks and corrosion protection.

NOT legal for sale in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles or in other states where similar laws apply.

For off-road racing use only – Not for aircraft use.




Re-jet your carburetor on the fly!

  • Fast and easy tuning
  • Increases horsepower
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Works with any type carburetor
  • Works with stock or modified engines
  • Works with ethanol or oxygenated fuel
  • Delivers pre-atomized fuel to the engine
  • Has no moving parts or electronics to fail
  • Compensates for altitude and temperature changes
  • Great for off-road/harsh conditions, it’s a sealed unit

NOT legal for sale in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles or in other states where similar laws apply.

For off-road racing use only – Not for aircraft use

The revolutionary new jetting system from Thunder Products.  Rejet your carburetor on the fly, right from the handlebars!  INTELAJET is the new high-tech version of the time proven Dial-A-Jet system (since 1972).  It is machined from billet aluminum, laser engraved and anodized for great looks and corrosion protection.

INTELAJET has a broader range of fuel delivery from lean to rich (more settings).  The fuel delivery module that mounts on the carburetor is smaller to accommodate tight clearance areas.  The base unit that mounts near the handlebars looks neat, clean and high-tech.

Performance is exceptional and being able to adjust it on the fly makes it user friendly.  Installation is quick and easy requiring only common hand tools.  Instructions are excellent and tech support is available.

INTELAJET is easily the most advanced fuel metering system available for carbureted engines on ATV’s, motorcycles, snowmobiles, Jr. Dragsters, boats, etc.  This is a highly evolved product sharing many of Dial-A-Jet’s great features while offering advancements.

The INTELAJET allows you to control fuel flow from the rider’s position.  This unit can be mounted number of places accessible to the rider.  The INTELAJET’s main metering module as well as the carburetor module is machined from billet aluminum.  The modules are extremely small and lightweight and have many mounting and installation options.  The main metering module is a sealed unit with the exception of the air inlet port which is supplied with a snorkel kit that filters the incoming air.  Fuel flow adjustments are made simply by rotating the knob on the main metering module in the appropriate direction (richer or leaner).  The carburetor module is a completely sealed unit which keeps out all of the mud, water, dirt, dust, sand and debris.

The INTELAJET offers performance and fuel efficiency and reliability as well as convenience and utility that no other system even comes close to.

Get an INTELAJET today and enjoy improved performance and fuel efficiency.  Ride any altitude or temperature without changing jets.

Dirt Wheels Magazine Evaluation

Motocross Action 5-Star Review

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BrandYearFits Model YearsModelIntelaJet
Suzuki20032003RM 60IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20032003-2005RM 65IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20042003-2005RM 65IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20052003-2005RM 65IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19821982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19831982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19841982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19851982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19861982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19871982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19881982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19891982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19901982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19911982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19921982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19931982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19941982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19951982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19961982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19971982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19981982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19991982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20001982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20011982-2001RM 80IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20022002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20032002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20042002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20052002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20062002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20072002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20082002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20092002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20102002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20112002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20122002-2012RM 85IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19831983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19841983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19851983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19861983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19871983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19881983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19891983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19901983-1990DR 100IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20032003-2006RM 100IJ-210-AY
Suzuki20042003-2006RM 100IJ-210-AY
Suzuki20052003-2006RM 100IJ-210-AY
Suzuki20062003-2006RM 100IJ-210-AY
Suzuki20042004-2006DRZ 110IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20052004-2006DRZ 110IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20062004-2006DRZ 110IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20032003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20042003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20052003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20062003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20072003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20082003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20092003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20102003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20112003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20122003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20132003-2013DRZ 125, LIJ-410-AF
Suzuki19751975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19761975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19771975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19781975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19791975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19801975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19811975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19821975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19831975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19841975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19851975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19861975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19871975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19881975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19891975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19901975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19911975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19921975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19931975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19941975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19951975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19961975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19971975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19981975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19991975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20001975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20011975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20021975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20031975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20041975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20051975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20061975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20071975-2007RM 125IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19801980-1982PE 175IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19811980-1982PE 175IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19821980-1982PE 175IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19961996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki19971996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki19981996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki19991996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20001996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20011996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20021996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20031996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20041996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20051996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20061996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20071996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20081996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20091996-2009DR 200 E, SEIJ-410-AY
Suzuki19901990-1995DR 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki19911990-1995DR 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki19921990-1995DR 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki19931990-1995DR 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki19941990-1995DR 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki19951990-1995DR 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20012001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20022001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20032001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20042001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20052001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20062001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki20072001-2007DRZ 250IJ-410-AF
Suzuki19801980-1981PE 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19811980-1981PE 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19761976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19771976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19781976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19791976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19801976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19811976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19821976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19831976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19841976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19851976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19861976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19871976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19881976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19891976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19901976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19911976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19921976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19931976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19941976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19951976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19961976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19971976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19981976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19991976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20001976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20011976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20021976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20031976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20041976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20051976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20061976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20071976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20081976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20091976-2009RM 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20042004-2009RM-Z 250IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20052004-2009RM-Z 250IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20062004-2009RM-Z 250IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20072004-2009RM-Z 250IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20082004-2009RM-Z 250IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20092004-2009RM-Z 250IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19891989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19901989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19911989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19921989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19931989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19941989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19951989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19961989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19971989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19981989-1998RMX 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19801980-1981RS 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19811980-1981RS 250IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19901990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19911990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19921990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19931990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19941990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19951990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19961990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19971990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19981990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19991990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20001990-2000DR 350IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19761976-1977RM 370IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19771976-1977RM 370IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20002000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20012000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20022000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20032000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20042000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20052000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20062000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20072000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20082000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20092000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20102000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20112000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20122000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20132000-2013DRZ 400, SIJ-410-AY
Suzuki19801980-1981PE 400IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19811980-1981PE 400IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19801980RM 400IJ-210-AO
Suzuki20072007-2009RM 450ZIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20082007-2009RM 450ZIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20092007-2009RM 450ZIJ-410-AY
Suzuki20052005-2007RMZ 450IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20062005-2007RMZ 450IJ-410-AY
Suzuki20072005-2007RMZ 450IJ-410-AY
Suzuki19811981-1983RM 465IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19821981-1983RM 465IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19831981-1983RM 465IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19841984-1985RM 500IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19851984-1985RM 500IJ-210-AO
Suzuki19961996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki19971996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki19981996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki19991996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20001996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20011996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20021996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20031996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20041996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20051996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20061996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20071996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20081996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20091996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20101996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20111996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF
Suzuki20121996-2013DR 650, SEIJ-410-AF

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