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Dial-A-Jet Rebuild

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Rebuilding Your Dial-A-Jet

Send us your used Dial-A-Jet; we can rebuild them to new specifications providing the body has not been damaged.  We replace the dial and clean the the body for fresh new performance.  This does not include any other parts (i.e. delivery tubes, etc.)

When you send us your Dial-A-Jets, make sure to enclose your name, address and phone number.  we will contact you by phone for your credit card information.  Turn around time is usually one to two business days plus shipping time.

$30.00 per Body

Do you have Snorkel Kits for your Dial-A-Jets?  You should.  They keep the Dial-a-Jets clean and functioning properly.      $11.95 each. 

Now is the time to replace that old fuel line.  3′ fuel line for $4.50

Look at the One-Way Check Valve for faster throttle response.   $5.00 each