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"Every Outlaw Engine that comes out of Whaley Motorsports has a Dial-A-Jet on it. No Outlaw race has ever been won without a Dial-A-Jet equipped carburetor."

Roy Whaley, Whaley Motorsports   

"The Dial-A-Jet and HotWire made an unbelievable difference. My bike starts quicker and definitely has more power. Throttle response is off the map! I highly recommend these products."

Alan Heinrich    SK Canada   

"It's so easy to make fine tuning adjustments!"

Denny Henderson   

"Dial-A-Jet is a really great product. We are a small dealer and sold over 50 Dial-A-Jet kits with no problems (if it snowed, we'd have doubled that)."

Mark Porter    Brookings, SD   

"There's a night and day difference since I put Dial-A-Jets and UFO's on my sled. My biggest problem now is traction."

Jeff Chesnutt   

"I bought my 700 Ski-doo brand new in 2002 and was never happy with the performance and reliability of the DPM (digital performance management) carburetion. Unreliable and frustrating were the words I used to describe it. Rather than sell the sled I removed the DPM system and replaced it with a pair of swap meet 40 mm Mikuni round slides. Wanting the performance of the flat slide carb I added dual Dial-A-Jets and U.F.O.'s from Thunder Products along with their Thunder Shift kit. What a ride. 7000 miles later I still hear from my buds, "what have you done to that thing" My hole shot is great, mileage is 13/15, and she pulls like a freight train between corners. Thanks Lonn Peterson and all the folks at Thunder products for the support after the sale."

Ken Dumar    Rhinelander, WI   

"I have installed Dial-A-Jets on 5 different machines and every one of them had more power and got better fuel mileage. The best part is they all ran great at any altitude or temperature without rejetting."

Pete Rushbrook    Prescott, AZ   

"We are very happy with our Dial-A-Jets and TPI Valves. We ride from 300' to 11,000'."

Dwayne Farmer   

"I gained 10 more mpg on my new motorcycle with the Dial-A-Jet and it had more response all the way around. It now runs like a 750."

Linden Leask    Nashville, TN   

"I am very happy with my Dial-A-Jet. My engine pulls hard all the time no matter where I am and I never have to mess with my jets anymore."

Scott Hartze    Reno, NV   

"We use Dial-A-Jets on all of our world record holders as well as out personal street bikes."

Lenny, holder of 6 world records including World's Fastest and Quickest Hot Street Bike - Harley    ABC Performance Cycle   

"I have had a KLR650 Kawasaki, and XT550 Yamaha and a TT500 Yamaha with a Dial-A-Jet. It is the easiest way to take the mystery out of carburetor tuning. I have worked with carb tuning for many years and Dial-A-Jet has solved all my problems. I love the low end throttle response. My fuel mileage on my KLR went from consistent 47 mpg to 52 mpg." "I am installing Dial-A-Jets on my TDM Yamaha because of my previous success with the product. My 1995 Triumph Trophy 1200 was the most impressive in my mind. I installed a Daytona cam, K&N low restriction air filter and opened up the exhaust pipes. I installed the Dial-A-Jets and had it running absolutely perfect in a little less than one hour. Great product!"

Don Youngs    Athens, GA   

"Dial-A-Jet works perfectly for altitude changes. It helped my ATV a lot."

J Slatte    Gardnerville, NV   

"I have spent a lot of money for more HP for my snowmobiles. It is pleasing to know that there are some products out there that do give you that extra HP at a very reasonable cost. I have tried and still use on all my Lake Race motors and High Performance trail motors, “Dial-a-Jets”. It is the best bang of HP on the market today. It seems harder to find Manufactures/Dealers that actually know how the product works and is willing to explain it to you. Lonn, at Thunder Products is one of those individuals. Every time I have called, he has always had the answers I was looking for. Along with other questions I haven’t asked yet. It’s nice to hear honest knowledge on the other end of the phone. Keep it up Lonn."

Dominic Cantafio   

"Dial-A-Jet has substantially improved throttle response and power on all my bikes as well as made altitude adjustments very easy."

Greg Valdez    Albuquerque, NM   

"Throttle response is outrageous. I can pick the front wheels up in 2nd gear with the throttle. Dial-A-Jet is an awesome product."

Bob Kuhn    Austell, GA   

"The Dial-A-Jets made my Banshee feel like it's fuel injected. Man, I can punch the throttle anytime and it's gone! I can also ride different areas without rejetting."

Mark Smith    Carthage, TX   

"I LOVE this product (since 1995). It took my sled to a whole new level."

Steve Dank    Zimmerman, MN   

"Our family of four each have Polaris snow machines. My son and I are tuning advocates. We installed Dial-A-Jets in two of the machines and operated them in the Fairbanks, AK area. It is a rare pleasure to have a machine that runs well throughout the Fairbanks area. We like what the Dial-A-Jets do for our machines!"

Dennis Trabant    Fairbanks, AK   

"As soon as I put the Dial-A-Jet on my machine, the throttle response was great. It made altitude compensation easy. I gained power instantly!"

Mike Meister    Baltimore, MD   

"We run Dial-A-Jets on Blaster and Banshee 4 wheelers. It's unbelievable what a difference they make! We sand drag our machines and they run great everywhere regardless of temperature or altitude."

Stephen Poe    Antlers, OK   

"The Dial-A-Jet does what it says and a lot more."

Dirt Wheels Magazine   

"With the Dial-A-Jet installed on the 125 KTM, it's as fast as the 144 KTM and is easier to ride due to the improved powerband. We plan to install a Dial-A-Jet on the 144 next."

Jim Samders    Houston, TX   

"My sled was a dog, now it runs great!"

Jeff Jones   

"I'm totally pleased and amazed with the results (Dial-A-Jet and UFO)."

Spencer Williams    Sevierville, TN   

"Dial-A-Jet is an awesome product. Throttle response is unbelievable and its easy to rejet."

Jim Fosmire    Santa Marguirita, CA   

"I just followed the simple directions for installation. We rode in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah reaching altitudes as high as 12,000 '. The Dial-A-jet worked great! I had all the power I wanted all the time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a carbureted engine."

Chuck Whittle    Travelers Rest, SC   

"I am writing you this letter to tell you how happy I am with your Dial-A-Jet product. I didn't think it would work as well as it does, but now I will install it on every machine I buy. By the way, my mileage went up 30%. Thanks again."

Jeff Graham    Anchorage, AK   

"Dial-A-Jet solved all my carburetor problems with my aftermarket carburetor. The scooter now runs great!"

Jack Brady    Waukegan, IL   

"I am extremely pleased and would recommend Dial-A-Jet to everyone."

DC Walker    Oakhurst, TX   

"The Dial-A-Jet made a night and day difference in my 750 Brut Force. Even with my big tires I have plenty of power in high range. It has more horsepower everywhere."

Jace Matthews    Pacagoula, MS   

"I am very pleased with your Dial-A-Jet. It fixed problems that nothing else would fix."

D Ungard    Philadelphia, PA   

"Dial-A-Jet brought it all together and made it run at 110%. I can also ride at different altitudes without changing jets."

Joe Kuhut    Vernon, BC Canada   

"The Dial-A-Jet works great on any quad. You can ride from Mexico to Flagstaff and run at peak horsepower without rejetting."

Neil Affinito    Phoenix, AZ   

"The Dial-A-Jet, UFO, Nology Hotwires and TPI Valve products are unbelievable for the performance. It got rid of all the problems the sled had from the factory. Easy install; night and day difference."

Dave Loiselle    West Sand Lake, NY   

"I will never jet another carburetor again after trying Dial-A-Jet. I love the DJ system. Man, what a difference."

Scott Holcombe    Albany, NY   

"I took out my Brand X jet kit and installed Dial-A-Jet. My holeshot is great now! The Dial-A-Jet made a night and day difference."

Rod McCarn   

U.F.O. (Ultimate Flow Optimizer)

"UFO's gave me a very noticeable increase in low and midrange power. I can also pull higher gearing than before."

Kim Miller    NY   

"UFO and Thunder Shift Kit. This sled rocked with these in!"

P. Nelson    IA   

"Every now and then a new product comes along with the potential to be a "must-have" item in every snowmobile where it will fit. We strongly suspect this may be the case with the Ultimate Flow optimizer (UFO). The end result was simply awesome. The UFO was probably the most significant new product release of the year!"

SnowTech Magazine   

"If they say UFOs don't work, they've never experienced them." Magazine    MN   

"The UFO's dramatically improved bottom end throttle response and made my Bull more than competitive with CR250 Hondas. I won my class (250 Sportsman Novice Western Regional) thanks to the UFO."

Mike Daley    San Jose, CA   

"UFO's are the biggest bang for the buck that you can put in your sled."

Randy Sturm    MN   

"Installed UFOs in carbs, absolutely incredible performance."

R. Beehm    NY   

"The throttle response and power increase from a set of UFOs is unreal!"

D. Hooker    MN   

"I'm totally pleased and amazed with the results (Dial-A-Jet and UFO)."

Spencer Williams    Sevierville, TN   

Quad Flow Torque Wing

The Quad Flow Torque Wing is amazing. The response feels like fuel injection with lots of torque!

Robert Lind   

Thunder PowerJet

"I installed UFO's and Thunder PowerJets and went from mild to wild - an absolute night and day difference and my fuel mileage actually improved."

Gary Grant    Ontario Canada   

TPI Valve

"Thank you for providing us the opportunity to evaluate your TPI Valves. We installed a set into a 2002 Yamaha SXViper. The airbox is quite often restrictive, resulting in reduced performance. By installing a set of TPI Valves into an airbox, the airflow characteristics can be better matched to the carburetion settings. Our machine produced 116.8 HP with stock jetting and TPI Valves closed. After opening the TPI Valves the SXViper produced 119 HP, reflecting the increase in airflow to better match the fuel flow settings of the carburetors. We believe this simple test demonstrates typical results an average user would experience in real-world applications."

SnowTech Magazine   

Injector Perfector

"I am really amazed at the increase in fuel mileage. The midrange and top end power also improved greatly. The Injector Perfector is a huge benefit for such a small amount of money."

Jeff Couture    Bristol, CT   

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