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UPDATE 10/1/2018

All clutching related orders must be directed to
Thunder Products Clutching LLC at 906-484-1650.

Ask for Tim or Terry – they will process your order or answer any questions. 

To see catalog, go to


! These products will give your powersports vehicle more performance !

The BEST carburetion performance for the buck!

Thunder Products is recognized for offering products that enhance the performance of your carburetor and clutch systems, giving you the best performance to dollar ratio of any performance product. Whether you are a trail rider or racer, have a new machines or vintage, our enhancements will make your ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle, respond faster, shift quicker, and last longer than stock. Thunder Products is known for simple, affordable performance products that work.

Featured Products

Thunder Products is the go-to place for peak performance at all altitudes and temperatures.